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SCDC Candidates

SCDC Candidates 2014

Land: 603-749-6160
Mobile: 603-781-2030


Because Dover needs a representative on the Strafford County Democratic Committee Executive Board, I am running for the at-large seat recently vacated by Carole Appel. I have been politically active since college and have been involved in Dover politics since 2000. In 2001, I was honored with the Jefferson Jackson Award by the NHDP.

Computer literacy is a good way to be well-informed. I promote computer skills to seniors I meet through my business and through politics because I believe technology is a way for seniors to be politically active, knowledgeable and connected to their communities. You can friend me on Facebook (Caroline L. French) and find me on Twitter (CarolineLFrench).

Presently, I volunteer at the Rollinsford Public Library and at End 68 Hours of Hunger. The Dover Democrats recognize the role of service and work to help hungry school children by working with End 68 Hours of Hunger. We discretely pack and deliver bags of food for school identified children to bring home for the 68 hour weekend.  http://end68hoursofhunger.org/.

Dover has a revitalized Democratic organization. We have a very high success rate for electing state reps and Dover municipal office holders because of the leadership of Wendy Alley, Dover Chair and the Dover Democrats Executive Board. 

I will bring my institutional history, background and interests to the Strafford County Executive Board should you elect me. If you live in Strafford County and are a registered Democrat, I would appreciate your vote.

  • Exeter High School, UNH (BA American History), Pratt Institute (MLS)
  • Seacoast resident since fifth grade
Former school librarian and teacher
45 years self-employed in the antiques business

  • Member of New Hampshire Antiques Dealers Association

  • Member of New England Appraisers Association

  • Member of Made in New Hampshire
Life member of NH Historical Society and Woodman Museum
Member of Historic New England and other museums

  • Board member of Isles of Shoals History and Research Association

  • Staunch (through thick and thin) Red Sox fan, member Red Sox Nation

  • Member of Southern Poverty Law Center
Board member of Dover Democrats Executive BoardMember of SCDC Messaging Committee, which produced the “Thank Democrats” bumper stickers



I have been a Democrat for over 30 years, and a member of the Dover Dems for about half that time. My first campaign for office was in the fall of 2012, and I now serve Dover's Ward 3 in the New Hampshire House. But this involvement in formal politics is only part of the story.

In 1970 I formed a federation of all those in this state who were involved with domestic animals; including everyone from veterinarians, shelter management, Animal Control Officers, government officials, hunters, guides, breeders, pet owners, trainers and more. As president of this group I led the revision of each of the NH RSA Chapters that covered any aspect of animal care, ownership or use before I retired from this group in 1993, and while I served an average of 4 - 8 lobby clients during these same years.

Additionally, I have chaired approximately 50 dog shows. This involves selecting, hiring and contracting a large site, judges (international and regional), plus everything from caterers, parking attendants, grounds crews and etc, plus all promotions, photographers, media relations, and management of all funding and budgeting. We were able to enlarge these events every year, and realized a comfortable, growing, profit each year.

I've been a professional and award-winning writer, and an editor, since the mid-60s. One of my books "The Legislative Action Manual" formed the basis for day-long seminars I have performed all over the eastern US and for a course I taught at UNH.

The skill set I would bring to the SCDC Executive committee are these:
  • I have organized and managed a campaign for the NH House, and won over strong opposition.
  • I have organized large events that grew in size and profit every year.
  • I have pulled together a large and dissimilar group of people and organizations - some of which had a history of antipathy to each other, and led them to a shared goal.
  • I know how to raise campaign funds, and how to maintain relations with donors and supporters.
  • I believe in, and practice, bi-partisan politics because to do otherwise leaves us always vulnerable to internal disruption and external failure as circumstances in our state change.
I think that this combination of skills and experience would be helpful in strengthening our SCDC and I ask your support for my candidacy to the Executive Committee of SCDC. Thank you.



I have been asked to run for this office. I am a lifelong Democrat and have worked on numerous campaigns, from 1972 McGovern for President to Obama 2012. I am currently Secretary/Treasurer of the Dover Democratic Committee.
  • Harvard Medical School 1968
  • Fellow American College of Endocrinology 1997
  • Retired from medical practice (Internal Medicine/Endocrinology) 2012
  • Founded Camp Carefree (residential camp for children with Diabetes)
  • Medical Director Camp Carefree 1977- 89
  • Secretary, New Hampshire Diabetes Association 1981-85
  • President New Hampshire Diabetes Association 1985-89
  • President, HealthCare & Education, ADA New England Region 2002-03
  • Dover Food Pantry 2012-present
  • End 68 Hours of Hunger 2012 - present
  • Dover Babe Ruth Baseball 1993 -1997
  • Treasurer New Hampshire Association of Diabetes Educators 2002-2006
  • Secretary Seacoast Emeritus Medical Society 2012- present
  • Senior Warden St. Thomas Episcopal Church 1982-84
I feel that I can contribute to the Strafford County Democratic Committee if elected.