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                          The Dover Coordinated Campaign Office Opening - August 28,2014

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As the 2014 campaign season begins, the Dover Democrats are working to get qualified and community-minded candidates elected. The DDC asks Democrats who are running to answer a few questions about themselves.  This gives candidates an opportunity to introduce their views and goals as candidates and ultimately elected officials.

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Sunday, August 17th 12 – 3 PM
 Strafford County Democrats Picnic
Millennium Park in Somersworth

Susan Treleaven announces her candidacy for State Representative District 17 in Fosters!
Friday, September 5, 2014

Please write in Susan Treleaven

To the editor: My name is Susan Treleaven. I am asking that you write me in for a seat in the House of Representatives if you live in Dover Wards 5 or 6 or in Somersworth Ward 2 which make up District 17. I have been a resident of Dover for over 30 years and my husband and I raised our two sons here. A business woman and a longtime volunteer member of many boards, I have the communication and interpersonal skills to work with a broad range of individuals.

I am not running for the seat, I am standing for the seat. Those of you who know me will understand that my decision to take on this challenge is based in part on my desire to fill the gap left by the tragic loss of an original candidate for this position, Sherri Basso, who died suddenly last month. I am not a politician, nor do I aspire to be one. My willingness to serve is based on my belief that elected officials are public servants, in place to do the people’s work. I am standing for Sherri, in her honor and her memory. I did not get the chance to meet Sherri, yet I have learned about her and her platform, including her desire to ensure access to health care. I will work to follow the goals she set as a candidate for the House and will additionally bring to bear my own interests and passions regarding access to mental health care and education.

Due to timing issues in preparing ballots, my name will not be printed on the ballot and I will need to be “written in” on your primary ballot next Tuesday, Sept. 9 at your local polling place. I am eager to represent you and look forward to meeting as many of you as possible over the next week. Please vote on Sept. 9 and write my name on your ballot — Susan Treleaven (rhymes with heaven/eleven).

Susan Treleaven

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2014 Campaign Begins !
Bill Shaheen was the guest speaker at the Dover Democratic Committee’s (DDC) June meeting and successfully kicked this season’s campaign into high gear! With only a little more than four months left until November 4th, Mr. Shaheen reminded the 30-plus DDC members in attendance the importance of the upcoming election and getting out the vote.

The June program included the introduction of two candidates running for state representative for District 17, which includes Dover Wards 5/ 6 and Somersworth 2: Domenick Cama and Sherri Basso. Each introduced themselves to the DDC members, spoke on their background and why they decided to become a candidate for state representative. Both will run opposed by Republicans in the General Election, though it is unclear who they will be running against; the Republican candidates for state representative for District 17 have a Primary Election on Sept. 9th, when four candidates vie for three openings.

The DDC honored the service of two state representatives who were in attendance and have decided not to run for office again this year: Rep. Dorothy Hooper, District 16/ Dover Ward 4 and Rep. Steve Ketel, District 17, Dover Wards 5/ 6 and Somersworth 2.

The meeting also included the introduction of staff members assisting various political organizations and offices.

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Plans for the Annual Strafford County Picnic are Underway

It’s that time again! The Strafford County Democratic Committee is sponsoring the Annual Strafford County Picnic.  This year's event is going to be on Sunday August 17th from 12 noon to 3pm at Millenium Park in Somersworth.   The picnic is a great time to meet up with friends, candidates, and elected officials; enjoy good food; and have a great time.  All profits from the picnic support our 2014 mid-term election candidates.

More details to follow in July. Please address picnic questions to Strafford County Picnic Committee member, Jamie Sherwood at jksherwood1@gmail.com , with PICNIC as the Subject.

Sherri Basso
May 17, 2014
Dover Dems were out in full force on a beautiful Saturday to support #TeamShaheen during her Portsmouth Regional Organizing Meeting. We journeyed
over the bridge and met other Jeanne supporters eager to get on message for November and bring home another victory for Sen. Shaheen’s 2014 Campaign! We were welcomed by one of Jeanne’s daughters, Portsmouth City Councilor Stefany Shaheen, who promptly led the charge and introduced our Senator. We heard from her Campaign Staff about the State of the Race; Communications and Messaging; Telling Your Story; Organizing for Victory; and relevant closing remarks.

The message was clear: This is an optimistic, positive campaign built on reminding constituents what @SenatorShaheen has already accomplished for this state since moving here in the ‘70s: she’s been an educator and small business owner; a NH State Senator; our first female Governor; and the first woman to be elected to the US Senate in NH history!

Rather than defend against the lies the GOP and PACs are throwing her way, Sen. Shaheen plans to highlight all the important legislation that is benefitting NH and its residents, businesses, and veterans. Her ads aim to show constituents the benefits of voting for her, not the negative of voting for someone else. So far, the ads have been testimonials from constituents lauding Sen. Shaheen.

The DDC looks forward to continuing to support Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, whether it’s boots on the ground, visibilities, phone banking, house parties, or just telling a neighbor a personal story of our own they may be able to relate to. Will you join us?

Get involved!   Are you on #TeamShaheen? http://jeanneshaheen.org/

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Thoughts from Dover Pride Day 2014
Debbie Bodell
May 10, 2014

As I sit here on my couch, with my feet up, I reflect on today's activities....
This morning, members of the Dover Democratic Committee braved the pancakes, the dirt, the mulch and the rain and did a bang-up job on a number of areas around the city as we joined other Dover residents at Dover Pride Day. This event is sponsored by Dover Main Street and local businesses where volunteers flex their muscles and clean up the grassy areas, flower beds, and walkways around the city.

I started at the corner of Central and Washington. I worked with an awesome group of people (I only know their first names) and we killed it, cleaning up the flower bed on the side walk and the brick walkway behind the chop shop. It looks fabulous ! Check it out.

Because we got done early, I stopped off at city hall on my way home and helped with mulching the flower beds around the building. There I met up with another Dover Dem, Mayor Weston and other volunteers and continued the work. Niiiiiice.

Although I didn't make it over to the library, after seeing Caroline's pics from the library, I can tell that group also rocked it too ! Great work guys !

I'm sore, I'm tired, I'm talked out, and I feel great ! We proved that the Dover Dems have Dover Pride ! We must definitely include this event in our activities next year!

Check out the video from Dover MainStreet - http://tinyurl.com/mu6lh2g
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Caitlin Rollo at the April DDC Meeting

Caitlin Rollo from Rollinsford was our special guest speaker at the April meeting of the Dover Democrats.  Caitlin is the Research and Political Director Granite State Progress,a progressive advocacy group based in Concord, NH.  She is knowledgeable about the Free State Project (FSP) and has done extensive research on them.  Caitlin explained that the objective of the FSP, beginning 10 years ago, was to convince 20,000 (they are short of that goal) people to move to NH to change and reduce state government, protect life, liberty, and property.

They provide members assistance with jobs and housing,  festivals such as Porkfest, state house tours and gov. training on how to run for office.

Caitlin emphasized the importance to Democrats and other progressives of understanding the FSP; we must know who are members and supporters and how Free Staters' goals differ widely from progressive goals.


Why is Mommy a Democrat ?

The Dover Democrats are now selling Jeremy Zilber's books "WhMommy Is A Democrat" and "Why Daddy Is A Democrat".  

The books are beautifully illustrated by Yuliya Fursova and they are great to read to your kids and your grandkids.  

All proceeds will go to support Dover Democratic candidates.  

Please call Bill Dudley at (603) 749-3899.  He will be happy to deliver for no charge in Dover. 


The Dover Democratic Committee (DDC) is a group of registered Democrats in Dover, NH who work hard to recruit and elect candidates for Dover's state representative seats and participate in programs and events that help the city and its residents

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